Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Ignace


About Us


Pastor David Tielbar and family

David Tielbar - Pastor

Pastor David Tielbar is from Guttenberg, Iowa. He is married and has 3 children: Cathie his wife, their sons Nick and Alex, and their daughter Ellie. He retired from the National Guard after 23 years. He was deployed overseas 5 times, three of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan. He completed his Master of Divinity at Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque in 2015. David has many great life experience from which he draws for his ministry to others. He and his family enjoy being in nature and hopes to stay in St. Ignace for a long time.






Dawn Akers - Organist/Treasurer

Dawn Akers

Organist/Treasurer - The unsung hero of every church is the organist. They are the ones that make the service truly great, or horrible. Well, we have great services. Dawn has been blessing Zion with her musical abilities for 25 years now. Dawn makes it possible for us to gather together every Sunday and praise God in song. Oh, and she does some stuff with numbers in her spare time as well.







Lorraine Graham

Lorraine Graham - Office Administrator

Office Administrator - That cool bulletin you get on Sundays and those super informative newsletters which show up every month, well a lot of work went into those. A lot of work by Lorraine. Of course, she does so much more than just that. She keeps the church, and the pastor, organized and on task. She is an invaluable part of our ministry and we thank God for all her gifts.








Richard Galor - Custodian

Richard Galor

Custodian - Richard has been hard at working cleaning up after us for 20 years. He keeps our sanctuary looking great, even though we don’t always make it easy for him. Richard never complains though, no matter how big the mess. We thank God for the work Richard does. A true reminder that there is no job unimportant when it comes to the work of the church.