Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Ignace



GiG - Growing in God

GiG is our Wednesday afterschool program offered to all children from grades K-5. From3:00 to 5 on all but the last Wednesday’s of the month. Children come to learn about God and His love for them as told in the stories of the Bible. They sing, play games, do crafts, and just have fun learning about God’s love. If you are interested in being involved with this program, either sending your children or volunteering to help, please contact Pastor Jeremy.


2012 GiG Group 2011 Christmas Program by GiG

NOIZ is a program for our High School Youth. We gather together once a month to continue what we learned in Confirmation. We have Bible study and discuss how our faith affects our life. We also have a lot of fun, playing games and just hanging out together.


2013 NOIZ Group


2012 NOIZ Group Christmas Program

WELCA - Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The Women of the Evangelical Church in America play a vital role in the life of any congregation, and ours is no different. Our WELCA provides many church activities with meals as well as the community at large. They are known for their fantastic soup luncheons, where they ensure no one goes away hungry or unsatisfied.
Lutheran Men in Mission
Lutheran Men in Mission meets once a month at Pastor Jeremy’s house. There we have discussions about our faith and our lives centered around the Biblical story. Men often have a difficulty sharing their vulnerabilities and their faith struggles, this provides a safe place to talk about any issue we may be facing. Oh, we also watch sports.
Three Lakes Lay Academy
The Three Lakes Lay Academy is a joint educational opportunity between our Synod and the Presbytery of Mackinac. Students from both denominations gather together once a week for two 10 week semesters to learn more about Christianity and how they can be a part of their church’s ministry. Classes range from studying the Old Testament to learning how to preach. It is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wishes to grow in their faith and their activities in the church.

Confirmation is a special time in the life of all Lutheran youth, as they learn about God and grow in their faith as they work towards affirming their baptism and becoming full members of our Church family. Confirmation is a three-year program from 6th to 8th grade, with a different focus of study each year. One year will be focused on the Old Testament, another on the New Testament, and a third on Lutheran Confessions. By the end of Confirmation the youth should have a firm grasp of what it means to be a Christian, and in particular what it means to be a Lutheran.

2012 Confirmation Group