Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Ignace



At Zion we believe that we are gathered together as church to be sent out into the world.
We strive to be out in our community helping others and providing service in whatever
way we can. To that desire we have a Service Sunday on the last Sunday of every month.
We have worked an assortment of projects in our community. Everything from helping
to put on a fashion show to doing home repair. We have even cleaned up a cemetery.
We are always looking for ways to serve others and if you know anyone who is in need
please let us know and we will do whatever we can to help. We are doing God’s work
with our hands.

St. Ignace Area Hope

One of our joint ministries at Zion is St. Ignace Area Hope. We have joined together with 5 other churches in town to provide goods and financial aid to those in need in our community. Through the Hope Chest thrift store we provide a wide variety of goods for sale at extremely low cost. The profits from these sales are used to help those who are having emergency financial needs. We help over a family per day through this endeavor.

St. Ignace Area Food Pantry

We are also active in helping our local food pantry. We have been blessed with a wonderful pantry which serves the hunger needs of our community. We support them financially and through many volunteers from our church.